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Why sharing these trips with you? We hope these trips could inspire you to try travelling differently.

Do you know Thich Nhat Hanh? I got inspired by his little book “What the world needs” and managed to simplify my personal mission in life: Leave this place in a better shape than how we found it. I want to do this by helping others in living a happy life in balance with nature. Whether it is by starting a night train business, decarbonising through the use of hydrogen or by sharing photos or articles with you.
For myself this personal mission translates into:
1) eating more natural and vegetarian
2) consuming in a more conscious way (less, repairable, shared or 2nd hand)
3) travel more sustainably (train, bike, hiking, sailing)
After not having spent any time on our carbon conscious travel blog for a year, we found out that it still lives on without us: more than a thousand views and hundreds of visitors. So it seems it still inspires you?

I’m not going to pretend I will never take a plane again. My work required flying from time to time (which we try to limit as much as possible). But I hope that giving this couple of alternatives could make people ask bigger tourism companies for alternatives.

What I do feel is that there’s so much nice alternatives already out there that don’t require flying or driving. And most of the trips can be easily tweaked to become more luxurious (staying in hotels on the trip or having your luggage transported from one location to the other) or on a budget (just camping in the wild and bringing your own food).

…and maybe in a couple of years we can start taking more comfortable night and high-speed trains again all together. No need for cheap city trip airplane tickets if the train brings you from citycenter to citycenter.


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